CHURROLAND is at the very heart and core of family tradition. So much so that two families have been involved in its evolution! CHURROLAND started with a dream of its owners to bring high quality, fresh churros to the streets of the Tampa Bay area. Two lovers of churros saw the need to enter the food truck market with the freshest, delectable churros in 2014. As of November 2017, the Bolivar family took ownership of the “Churro Truck” to continue its tradition and reputation of the finest churros in Tampa Bay. CHURROLAND came on the scene and dominated at the Reggae Rise Up Festival in September of 2014 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa serving over 10,000 people. The legacy lives on with the Bolivar family bringing the great taste to local festivals, markets and landmarks as a compliment to many other great “food truck” flavors of Tampa Bay. Book us NOW!

It was a total success from the beginning, people lined up to try the delicious churros and the variety of toppings and flavors they had to offer. Since then, CHURROLAND has been bringing their tasty churro options to many of the biggest festivals, rallies and concerts in the areas of Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon, Lutz , St Petersburg, and more. When the “churro truck” is not at a festival, you can find it at its permanent location on N Armenia Ave and Waters where you can enjoy churros a sweet treat.



The vision of CHURROLAND is to become a household name as families think of ways to fulfill the desire for a wonderful, sweet dessert. We hope to bring families together with laughter, dessert, and a great atmosphere full of flare. When you think of churros, think of CHURROLAND!

Victor Bolivar Jr. "Always Improve"



To expand CHURROLAND to all possible areas in the Tampa Bay area and eventually across the country creating job opportunities for the community and providing the highest quality of churros and service for people to enjoy a sweet treat.



Best gourmet churros in Tampa.

1. What makes us different
We strive to take churros to the next level. We have created the most delicious combinations of toppings and flavors which can be added to any type of churro. Besides the traditional churros, we bring you churros in different ways like bites, stuffed and our specialty Churros with Ice Cream bowl. We are constantly looking for new additions to our toppings list.
2. Origin of Churros
The origin of churros is unclear. One theory is they were brought to Europe from China by the Portuguese. The Portuguese sailed for the Orient and, as they returned from Ming Dynasty China to Portugal, they brought along with them new culinary techniques, including modifying the dough for youtiao, also known as Youzagwei in southern China, for Portugal.
3. What is a churro?
A churro is a fried-dough pastry predominantly choux based snack. Churros are popular in Spain, France, the Philippines, Portugal, Ibero-America and the Southwestern United States. In Spain, churros can either be thin (and sometimes knotted) or long and thick. They are normally eaten at any time of the day with hot chocolate or café con leche.
4. History
However, they modified it by introducing a star design because they did not learn the skill of "pulling" the dough (the Chinese Emperor made it a capital crime to share knowledge with foreigners). As a result, churros are not "pulled" but rather extruded out through a star-shaped die. Another theory is that the churro was made by Spanish shepherds, to substitute for fresh bakery goods. Churro paste was easy to make and fry in an open fire in the mountains, where shepherds spend most of their time.